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Primex Broker Jeffrey S. Cederberg Discloses Sanction -San Luis Obispo, CA

San Luis Obispo, CA

UPDATE JULY 2017-In April 2017, Jeffrey Cederberg was fined $5,000 and suspended for four months by FINRA to resolve allegations that he failed to timely amend his Form U4 to disclose a federal tax lien and two state tax liens totaling approximately $70,000 that were filed against him.


The FINRA records of Jeffrey S. Cederberg , a stockbroker currently employed by Primex ( aka Primex Prime Electronic Execution, Inc.)  , disclose 1 pending regulatory matter, 1  employment separation , a prior personal bankruptcy and 7 pending judgment/liens.

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is the agency that licenses and regulates stockbrokers and brokerage firms. FINRA requires brokers and brokerage firms to report customer complaints and disputes as well as regulatory sanctions. In addition brokers are required to disclose certain financial matters such as personal bankruptcies, judgments and liens.

Cederberg disclosed in February 2016 that he is the subject of a currently pending FINRA investigation for potential violations of FINRA Rules 2010, 1122 and 8210.

FINRA Rule 2010 states: “A member, in the conduct of its business, shall observe high standards of commercial honor and just and equitable principles of trade.”

FINRA Rule 1122 states that No member or person associated with a member shall file with FINRA information with respect to membership or registration which is incomplete or inaccurate so as to be misleading, or which could in any way tend to mislead, or fail to correct such filing after notice thereof.”

FINRA Rule 8210, which can be accessed in its entirety here, is entitled “Provision of Information and Testimony and Inspection and Copying of Books. ”

In 2005 Cederberg voluntarily resigned from United Securities Alliance, Inc. who made the following allegation on his FINRA record: “maintaining unapproved website in violation of NASD rules and firm policies and procedures”. A $10,000 fine was imposed in connection with internal review of unapproved website.

Cederberg discloses  that in 12/2012 he was discharged from Chapter 7 bankruptcy court in the District of Oregon.

Included in the 7 unsatisfied and outstanding judgments and liens against Cederberg are:

  • a $1.7 million judgment in favor of Karen Templeton Cederberg in the San Luis Obispo Superior Court of California. Cederberg disputes this amount of this filing.
  • a number of tax liens in various amounts in favor of the Oregon Department of Revenue, the IRS and the state of California Franchise Tax Board.

Cederberg has been employed by Primex since 5/2008.

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