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FINRA Files Complaint vs. Darrell Mikulencak-Formerly With First Brokerage America, LLC

On September 15, 2014, the FINRA Department of Enforcement filed a complaint against Darrell W. Mikulencak for forgery and for failing to appear to testify at the Kansas City District office of FINRA to provide testimony in connection with their investigation.

FINRA alleges in the complaint that while working from a bank branch in Owensville, Missouri, Mikulencak forged the signature of a bank employee and notary public to documents for transferring the registration of stock certificates. According to the complaint Mikulencak did not have the authority or permission to sign the name of the notary public nor to use the notary public’s seal.

According to FINRA records, First Brokerage America LLC discharged Mikulencak on August 9, 2013, who “admitted to forging a notary stamp and signature on client documents..”

Mikulencak had also been discharged from his prior firm Chase Investment Services on December 20, 2010 for violations of firm procedures. He received a fine and suspension from FINRA.

If you suffered damages in an account handled by Mikulencak, contact us to discuss how you may be able to recover your losses.

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