Idaho Securities Regulator Warns of Threats to Investors

Idaho Securities Regulator Warns of Threats to Investors

Idaho Securities Regulator Warns of Threats to Investors 150 150 Rex Securities Law

November 13, 2014- In a  recent article in the Idaho Statesman, Gavin Gee , Director of Finance  for the Idaho Department of Finance, warned investors to be wary unlicensed agents selling unregistered products to unsuspecting investors.

Gee focussed on four emerging investment scams:

  • Binary Options– these are option contracts with a payout dependent upon whether an underlying asset, such as the company’s stock price or a stock index, increases or decreases.
  • Marijuana industry investments-Scammers our investors with aggressive and overly optimistic projections based upon false or misleading information hoping to pump up the price of a thinly traded company. Once that is accomplished the promoter dumps the many shares he purchased at a very low price, leaving the new investors holding the bag.
  • Stream of Income investments-retirees looking for monthly income are being sold income streams, such as pension payments of government disability payments.
  • Digital currency and cybersecurity risks-Bitcoin is the most well known. It came on the market at $10, peaked at $1,200 a unit in late 2013 and is about $400 now.

See the article for full details or visit the Department of Finance website. 

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