NASAA to Focus on Investor Abuse Involving Seniors

NASAA to Focus on Investor Abuse Involving Seniors 150 150 Rex Securities Law

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The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) recently announced formation of a committee  to protect senior investors from financial exploitation.  According to NASAA, 34% of enforcement actions  taken by state securities regulators since 2008 have involved senior citizens.

NASAA cited four recent cases as examples:

  • In August 2014, the British Columbia Securities  Commission found that an unregistered advisor advised 500 or so, mostly senior investors, to sell their stocks, bonds and mutual funds and purchase high risk investments, He used  weekly radio infomercials, and investment seminars to draw his victims in. He also advised that the investors borrow against their homes to invest. He earned nearly $6 million in fees and commissions while the elderly investors lost over $40 million.
  • In Maryland, a broker was ordered to return over $1 million that he had convinced an 83 year old widow with Alzheimer’s to withdraw from her bank accounts and invest into high risk annuities.
  • In July 2014, a Minnesota advisor was caught operating a $2 million ponzi scheme involving senior investors. Instead of investing the money entrusted to him he spent it on yacht memberships, exotic dancers, dinners and travel.
  • In Montana in June 2014, a advisor bilked over $5 million from 140 mostly senior victims causing at least one victim to suffer a heart attack after learning of the loss. Most lost their life savings and were forced to return to the workforce in their 70’s.

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