Own KBS REIT I? Time Running for Bringing Claims

Own KBS REIT I? Time Running for Bringing Claims 150 150 Rex Securities Law

KBS REIT I closed its  initial public offering on May 31, 2008, according to their website. The distributions that were touted by the sales force and which caused many retirees to invest their hard earned dollars, ceased shortly thereafter. According to the company, the shares that originally sold for $10 are now worth just about half of that.

The $5.16 estimated value recently published by the company is just that—an estimate. Investors who need to liquidate to raise cash for daily living and/or health related expenses may be surprised to learn that these investments cannot be readily converted to legal tender. KBS REIT I is a non-exchange traded REIT, meaning that it does not trade on any conventional exchange.

If you need to liquidate to raise cash, the only option is to go to one of the various private secondary market makers who match up buyers and sellers. As I have previously reported, expect to receive 80% or less of the estimated value, meaning your KBS REIT I investment which you paid $10 for is likely to net you $4 or less.

Many investors were convinced to purchase KBS REIT I on the promise of regular and dependable distributions of income and the belief that the value would remain constant or increase. Many people we have spoken with were not aware of the lack of liquidity resulting from the fact that the investment is non exchange traded.

Stock brokers and financial advisers have a duty to make suitable recommendations when directing the investment of their customers funds. If you were misled as to  the nature of this investment, you may be able to recover part or all of your investment through arbitration with FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

We have been helping investors recover investment losses for twenty-five years. We do not charge to evaluate your case and we represent investors nationwide. FINRA rules generally restrict recovery to losses on purchases made during the last six years, so it important to act quickly or risk losing valuable legal rights.

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