SEC Issues Investor Bulletin on Municipal Bonds

SEC Issues Investor Bulletin on Municipal Bonds 150 150 Rex Securities Law

On March 19, 2012, the Securities & Exchange Commission
issued an Investor Bulletin to help educate investors on Municipal Bonds.

Municipal bonds (muni’s) are debt securities issued by
governmental agencies like cities & counties, often times to fund projects like building schools and highways.

There are two common types: General Obligation Bonds which are not secured by any specific assets, but rather are backed by the issuer (ie; state, county, etc.)

Revenue Bonds which are backed, not by the government entity but by revenues from a specific project like highway tolls.

The SEC points out that muni’s are subject to the
following risks:

  • Call Risk-the potential for the issuer to repay
    the bond before its maturity date.
  • Credit Risk-the risk that the issuer may experience
    financical problems that may it difficult or impossible to pay the promised
  • Interest Rate Risk-the risk associated with the
    fluctuation of the value of the bond in response to rising and falling interest
  • Inflation Risk-If prices move up generally,
    this can lead to rising interest rates which lower the value of bonds.
  • Liquidity Risk-the risk that investors will not
    be able to find a market for their bonds.

If you are thinking of investing in municipal bonds, you would be wise to read the entire Investor Bulletin on the SEC website.

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