Non-traded REITs were sold to many with the promise of steady distributions of income and the understanding that the investment could be sold in the near future. Instead, many REITs have been funding distributions with capital or, worse yet, debt. Now many have ceased distributions completely. Here are six REITs whose value has dropped dramatically, as reported by the Investment News.

Name   Offering price, per share    Current estimated value   % decline per share  
Behringer Harvard Opportunity REIT I $10.00 $4.12 -58.80%
Behringer Harvard REIT I $10.00 $4.64 -53.60%
Behringer Harvard Short-Term Opportunity Fund $10.00 $0.40 -96%
Cornerstone Core Properties REIT $8.00 $2.25 -71.88%
Inland Western Retail Real Estate Trust Inc. $10.00 $6.95 -30.50%
KBS Real Estate Investment Trust Inc. $10.00 $5.16 -48.40%

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